Chris Rallo -- Winning Driver, Jack of All Trades Racing

The Driver


Drawing on my multi series winning and record setting success, but remembering my racing school roots, I can drive a car to victory and help other drivers accomplish the same. When under pressure to succeed, I stay cool and focus on good consistent performance, while taking care of the equipment. When coaching, I promote staying calm, relaxed and focused to drive well and consistent, while enjoying the experience. Driving faster and improving one's level of driving is a natural by product. All the latest technology is utilized including a rally style incar intercom, pro racing radios, data acquisition, live and post session video review, as well as live telemetry.

The Team


I excel at working with a team in any capacity to accomplish success. I have polished experienced teams to victory, as well as taken rookie teams or crew members and accomplished the same. I enjoy the team aspect of racing, mentoring new crew members and refining every process, all with the goal of consistent success. Endurance racing amplifies the importance of a good team. Recently my teams have accomplished record setting success, including winning eight of the first ten races of the season, while on our way to a runaway Series Championship with American Endurance Racing.

The Car


A well built and tuned racecar is worth much more than the sum of its parts. The time, effort and experience put into every build decision or upgrade and every tuning adjustment leads toward perfection and helps to ensure success, one small piece of the performance puzzle at a time. Building and tuning for reliability, performance and drivability is important, especially for endurance racing. Base line setups formed from experience lead to honed setups through expert test driving, data collection and data analysis. I and my team can play a pivotal role in accomplishing all of this.

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Photo credits to Puppy Knuckles, Windshadow Photo Studios, Hill Valley LTD, Rudy Archuleta, The SB Image