"...unbelievable as our spotter."


"Chris was unbelievable as our spotter. In the night on the tower, he was incredible. He kept us safe and fast all the way to the finish. Well done to Chris and all the team!" - Mark Gregory, Rosmar Racing

"His knowledge, strategy, racecraft..."


"Could not recommend Chris Rallo strongly enough. A unique opportunity for anyone lucky enough to join his team. His knowledge, strategy and racecraft are 2nd to none." - Alex Rockwell, BBY Racing 

"...and Chris will deliver."


"Solid guy who will give you about as solid a chance at a podium in a fast car as you are going to get.  Bring some level of skill and Chris will deliver."

- Daniel Sycks, Autoworx Motorsports

"...optimistic, reliable and honest."


"If I had to choose three words to describe him, I would say "optimistic, reliable, and honest." The most important is that he is a team player and stands by his work. In my humble opinion, Chris is who you are looking for if you want someone full of passion to maximize your skills, car setup, and mental/physical preparation. He took someone with zero race experience and made them competitive at a national level in one year."  - Dr. Jason Lee, Limitless Racing 

" He never gives up..."


"Chris Rallo is an awesome team player. His attention to detail, calm demeanor, knowledge of set up and dedication to his team is unparalleled. He never gives up on a problem until it is resolved. I am grateful to have him on my team. His leadership, coaching and organizational approach played an integral part to JFF Racing's rookie season. Chris was instrumental in our third place finish this past year. He coached, critiqued, wrenched, and sorted though copious amounts of video and data, all for the good of the team. Add to this his tremendous driving skills, in some of the worst conditions I have ever seen, plus his ability to strategize on the fly and you'll understand why we had such a successful season. Great Job Chris. I can't wait to do it all again this coming season!" 

- Bruce Peter, JFF Racing 

"... an impressive range of knowledge."


"I certainly recommend Chris Rallo as a driving/racing coach to anyone interested in high performance driving and road racing. Chris has an impressive range of knowledge concerning high performance driving and road racing theory.  Chris's mechanical abilities shine as well.  Chris ably works with drivers of all levels using in-car participation, out-of-car analysis and a fluid knowledge of modern telemetry.  Chris has the talent to analyze the individual driver's needs.  He then tailors his instruction to the methods that benefit that particular client." - Mindy A. Oppenheim, Chief Instructor FCA ESR, PCA National Instructor